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Exactly about Asian-Canadian woman – security in St. Petersburg?

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Exactly about Asian-Canadian woman – security in St. Petersburg?

I will be attempting to prepare a visit for my boyfriend and I also’s 30th birthday. We’re looking at either Iceland & Norway or Finland & St. Petersburg, but after reading the Lonely Planet’s help guide to St. Petersburg I’ve discovered that it could be quite unsafe for tourists and Asians.

For Asians who possess traveled here, just just what has your experiences been like? Do you’re feeling unsafe?

For anybody who has traveled here, just just what has your experience been as with the locals pickpocketing that is including the authorities (i have look over they demand bribes very often)

Must you remain indoors after a specific time?

I would personally like to see St. Petersburg due to the history that is amazing stunning architecture and culture but additionally do not want become to my trip fretting about my security on a regular basis.

BTW we are now living in Toronto, Canada and have now experienced “unsafe” neighbourhoods but have not been to worried inside them. I’m careful and will not have digital digital camera back at my neck or carry a map around etc.

Many thanks for the input!

St petersburg is pretty safe simply keep your wits in regards to you and keep to the greater amount of central components. While you have previously mentioned do not show anything costly. We have vitied a times that are few love the spot I even went from the beaten a track a little and discovered nearly all of locals very friendly, them all warned me personally about fake police though We never really had any dilemmas.

I am neither Asian nor female, but i did not see any difficulty after all while I happened to be there. Until youare going to be wandering some areas that are strange the first hours i mightn’t expect you to definitely have dilemmas. The central area, Nevsky Prospect, had been similar to every other town in feel, and even though We have heard reports of men and women having difficulty with authorities, both fake and genuine, I do not think it really is because common as the scaremongers want one to think.

Thank you for the input! I am aware there may be a large amount of wrong information available to you so in retrospect I made a decision to inquire about the question from the forum in order to find more experiences that are personal. Ideally the feeling shall get efficiently!

  1. For Asians who possess traveled here, just what has your experiences been like? Do you are feeling unsafe?

We traveled having A east asian in russia. Their only trouble arrived once we are not together and a police in a town that is small section asked him what he had been doing here. Otherwise, there have been no dilemmas and soon after he visited the rest of Russia together with his family that is extended and no problems

  1. For anybody that features traveled here, just exactly exactly what has your experience been just as in the locals pickpocketing that is including the authorities (i have look over they demand bribes very often)

Pickpockets are a definite nagging problem within the metro, on buses and along Nevsky prospekt. Police had previously been a significant problem, |problem that is major nevertheless the climate changed notably within the last few a long period therefore the information today just isn’t the just like. For example, in 2003, the town possessed a huge tourist campaign plus the police had been especially taught to cope with foreigners differently. In addition, the major explanation to stop individuals was eliminated because the want to register your stay isn’t any longer the obligation for the tourist but alternatively the spot where you stay.

  1. Must you remain indoors following a particular time?

No, but I would personally adhere to the tourist areas in the evening.

Ruth once more has spelled it our precisely. I have seen it in Paris, London and Glasgow so St. Petersburg is not any different in you need to get wits in regards to you whenever you are on or close to the metro, train stations, etc. If you should be travelling as a set you are able to protect one another and appear away for trouble more. Don’t allow it to affect your remain, take full advantage of it and revel in it – St. P is excellent. Have a care that is little. I will be there on my vacation in June therefore would i truly select this kind of terrible spot.

In both Moscow and St Petersburg have so named strange places where it is not safe to be even yet in belated hours. I am able to provide you with an example that is good Lufthansa teams whom stay immediately in St Petersburg frequently ask for good dance clubs and frequently hv enjoyable here through the night very long and walk when you look at the town

In both Moscow and St Petersburg we do not have actually so named strange places where it isn’t safe to be even yet in belated hours.

We’d disagree. Every big city in the planet has dangerous areas of city. Moscow and St. Petersburg are not any exclusion. You can find aspects of both these towns that we wouldn’t normally claim that a non-russian speaking foreigner explore later through the night but we question that any will be wandering here.

Actually? We invested twenty years in MOW and currently reside in St Pets but nevertheless not really acquainted with ‘dangerous’ areas of. I would ike to give an explanation for issue. Nations like the United States in big urban centers you will find districts inhibited and managed by cultural teams, people who have extremely low earnings etc, therefore it is maybe not safe at lest uncomfortable to be even yet in time hours and also for locals. Offer just one instance for Mow? In every the right elements associated with towns where individuals reside it is equally safe. We cannot say for example the southern region associated with town is more threatening then your west side because there’s absolutely no segregation on that foundation. Myself I would personally not just visit some sites. I gone to all components of Moscow and used public transportation in belated hours and not never ever smith bad. Lots of people commute in belated hours, it’ normal. Of program, that does not imply that it’ s positively safe like in big cities real time differen people additionally the foreigners should wander all evening long all around the city alone, however, if for whatever reason you ought to check out various other areas of Moscow or Saint Petersburg I cannot inform you should avoid that for security period.

I’m a woman from Northern Norway who is been located in St. Petersburg for the past 5 months;

First, exactly how time that is much you have got?

Iceland & Norway or Finland & St. PetersburgI have not gone to Iceland, and just to Northern Finland. Iceland gets the volcanoes and hot springs, Norway has fjords, midnight sunlight etc. St. Petersburg has all of the tradition and museums. You need to undoubtedly do St helpful hints. Petersburg. Northern Norway good and dazzling, Oslo is just a tiny city with a park old naked rock sculptures, a fort by the bay and some viking museums.

I am perhaps not Asian, i am a blond Norwegian, from time one individuals thought I became A russian woman, and so we do not have that issue. It really is even worse for African change students and Muslims. Being an Asian you may be seen erroneously as an individual originating from North Korea, Asia, Uzbekistan work that is seeking nonetheless I am sure you can expect to look similar to a tourist, talking English, holding a camera etc.

The individuals who have stopped, robbed or bribed because of the authorities usually are males, drunk, walking alone at evening, dressed shabby, and looking “dark”. Sorry to utilize this term but Russia is considered the most racist destination we have actually ever gone to and neo Nazis right here, so we just want to explain.

My Uzbek female buddy had been stopped in a shopping center as soon as, checking out the steel detectors, the protection guards hassled her for some time, think they stop Asian females regarding the roads though.

For example whenever I first arrived A croatian man had been stopped 2 times when you look at the metro within one evening, nevertheless a bit drunk, wore sweatpants and seemed “dark”. He had been a tourist, so he simply revealed his and they allow him go.

The street that is main often safe, because it is a 24 hour town. It is well lit at evening and I also can walk alone here. We reside nearly in the street that is main i could go for a walk at express 3 am. You will find safety guards near the sights that are main evening, as an example the Hermitage and Isac’s cathedral, this really is west Nevsky.

Simply work as you’ll in just about any large town. Remain static in through the night, do not get down alone through the night, stay static in well illuminated, somewhat populated areas after midnight, do not get etc that is overly drunk.

I’m not sure about pickpockets, simply make use of an pocket that is inner your coat, slim cash belt. Carry your case from the front side etc.

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